Walking the 138th

29 August 2010 ~ 0 Comments

August 29, 2010

Another week gone by, working to continue meeting and talking with people in the 138th District.  Jane works the precincts with me on weekends, as well as several other supporters, who come by the house each week to pick up another round of precinct lists.  The heat has abated a little, but we all still come back at the end of each day soaked, with new stories to share about the people we are meeting and talking to as we walk from one precinct to the other.

This week I just happened to knock on the door of Herb Bockhorst who for years headed the Republican Committee here in southwest Missouri.  We sat and talked for some time and I really appreciated the candor, wit and valuable information he shared with both Jane and me. Herb is quite a gentleman, and I feel privileged to have spent that time discussing my positions and my desire to serve the people of the 138th by running for state representative.

Serving the community and reaching out to all the people in the 138th is a very serious commitment.  After talking to each other, as well as many friends and acquaintances, Jane and I both felt that this was the time to no longer sit idly by but to act.  I believe that my year in the business community and my expertise at managing groups of people successfully, puts me at an advantage to serve this district right now.

People continue to tell me that their primary concerns are jobs and the economy. Each day of inaction or lack of focus on these issues makes them harder and more costly to solve. We must work together to find real, long-lasting solutions to get people back to work and be more confident in our economy and our future. While no one person has all the answers to these vast problems we are living through, I do believe in my ability to motivate others, to collaborate, and to be innovative in working toward finding solutions. With your vote of confidence in November, I will work tirelessly to that end.

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